Haiti Inspectorate (in Italian Visitatoria Haiti, in French Inspection,) is an administrative region of the Salesian Congregation in Haiti. It is under the patronage of Blessed Philip Rinaldi and it was erected in 1992. The headquarters are located in Port-au-Prince, the capital of the country.

Address Edit

Salésiens de Don Bosco
Route Circuit d'Haiti - Drouillard
BP. 13233 - Delmas
Port-au-Prince - Haiti

Tel: (509) 510.71.48
559.10.48 (Provincial).

Personal Edit

By 2008 the board of trust of the Inspectorate was as follow:

Services Edit

  • Formation: J. Nau.
  • Commission of Formation: J.G. Désir, J.P. Mésidor and H. Mésidor.
  • Youth pastoral: J.S. Jeannot.
  • Vocations: J.S. Jeannot and W. Jean-Baptiste.
  • Education: Cleric Romain, Fr Randel and Fr V. Auguste.
  • Mix commission: J.S. Jeannot, W. Jean-Baptiste.
  • Marginalization: Bro Pierre.
  • Youth center: W. Jean-Baptiste.
  • Salesian Family: M. Bonhomme.
  • Social communication: H. Mésidor, F. Randel, M. Seymour, J.L. Hostin.

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